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Are you in a relationship with a special person but find you have grown apart? Do you want to get your love, your romance, your passion back? Are you ready to move your relationship to the next level and want to avoid the pitfalls that so many couples fall victim to? Do you have trouble dealing with kids, in-laws, or the joining of two families?

Are you feeling stuck? Have you lost the joy in your own life and not sure how to get it back? Do you feel you contribute more than anyone else, but your efforts are unappreciated? What is your delay in doing something about it costing you?

Start loving your life and your relationship again! Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you. Switch endless fighting to constructive discussions that truly resolve your issues. Improve your communications and your understanding of each other to rebuild your love.

I would love to offer you a free 60 minute counseling session. It will leave you renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your life and your relationship into the kind you always dreamed about. I’d be interested to learn more about you and your goals and challenges, answer your questions, and share some of my unique strategies and approaches. I’ve been mentoring for over 20 years and trained in the world renowned Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention coaching method. I’m also certified in the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) program, which provides tremendous insight for couples considering marriage as well as those in long term marriages.

This is a complimentary consultation and you have no obligation to me whatsoever.  Begin today to build the loving, fulfilling life and relationship you you deserve!   Please click on the button above to schedule a complimentary 60 minute appointment to talk about your goals and needs. What have you got to lose by trying?

  • Kate B.

    Linda has helped my family and I an extraordinary amount. As a blended family, conflict is a constant with busy schedules and little time for romance. Linda helped my husband and I see each others views by helping us understand each others personalities and what each other needs are. I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to enhance their relationship.

  • Anna P.

    Linda is a compassionate, considerate, committed coach. She has been instrumental in navigating a difficult situation with me and has helped me keep focused on my ultimate goals. I highly recommend Linda if you are looking for a competent coach who can also help you focus on your ultimate goals. You will love your life with Linda!

  • Tracy D.

    I had the wonderful opportunity of having Linda for a mentor. Her guidance was invaluable. Linda would listen intently and then provide insightful feedback no matter what situation I brought before her. She would even bring items to my attention that I was completely missing. Her direction was always presented in a positive, no-nonsense, easy to understand, actionable manner. The way she worked with me and presented her thoughts helped me understand the tactical steps that needed to be taken, yet she always helped me recognize the ‘Why’. Her advice and assistance definitely aided me through some tough situations and helped advance my career.

  • Michelle E.

    Linda coached my husband and I with some issues that came up in our life with our new baby, she helped us figure out a lot just in the first call alone 🙂

  • Lou J.

    I enjoyed the positive attitude I received from Linda. She made me think about a lot of things that is bothering me. Talking with Linda over the telephone was very good for me and I felt very comfortable sharing with her.

  • Laura T.

    My experience has been nothing but wonderful. Every week I am growing and learning new things. I feel so comfortable talking with Linda and would highly recommend her.

  • Stephanie D.

    Linda is wonderful and kind and is helping my husband and I strengthen our relationship. She has great ideas and is easy to talk to. Very glad we found her!

  • William W.

    Linda was a great help right from our first session. Helped me see things more clearly and get onto a positive path.

  • William S.

    Great experience! Highly recommended! (I already have.) Linda has a joyful soul that is infectious. To top that off, she is an insightful coach that seemed to always ask the right question at the right time. Every call was a significant move forward for me. I am now able to be a better version of myself because of the negative energy I felt from my past has evolved to a much better and more truthful perspective. Thanks again Linda!

  • Tra’Lisha D.

    Linda is great! Linda is friendly and not judgmental. My fiancée and I really like her a lot because she didn't pick a side. She was very responsive to email and text messages. She gave us feedback on how to improve our relationship and gave us helpful tips to use in the future for our marriage.

  • Sheila M.

    My fiancée and I have been working with Linda for the last several weeks. Being in a long-distance relationship, my finance and I were happy to find someone who could counsel with us over the phone and accommodate our needs. When searching for a counselor, Linda was very quick in her response to me. We've been pleased with the material and assessments she uses, which helps us evaluate our relationship, building on strengths and working on weaknesses. Linda has a professional yet friendly demeanor and is always on time. My favorite part of our assortment is when we talk about things that have happened during the week. Linda gives us wisdom and practical ideas for coming up with solutions to work out our differences. This advice is so appropriate to our individual personalities and our relationship (and she never chooses sides) that we will continue to seek out her expertise when we hit any bumps in our marriage road as well.

  • Joseph L.

    I honestly felt comfortable talking openly and knowing that anything said would be used in a positive constructive way to build on my relationship and myself for the better. It was very enlightening, and Linda absolutely knew what she was talking about and relayed the information in a way that was so positive and informative. We will be going back because we feel like real growth as a couple and individuals can be achieved with her guidance.